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    While the telecommunications industry still faces dark days, one technology can see light at the end of the tunnel. Called free-space optics, it uses window- or roof-mounted lasers to transmit data from main fiber-optic lines through the air to end users. When the technology was commercially introduced several years ago, only a few corporate clients signed on, seeking faster service in large office buildings. Big telecom carriers stayed away, convinced they had the capital to dig up streets and sidewalks to bring more-reliable, but far more expensive, optical fiber to millions of individual customers.

But bad times killed most of those plans, giving a boost to free-space optics as an affordable solution. In March, Terabeam in Seattle signed a deal with a Chinese telecom carrier, China Railcom, to provide free-space optical links to businesses in Shanghai. Free-space players LightPointe in San Diego and fSONA in Richmond, British Columbia, say they have similar deals in the works. Indeed, though they won??t discuss current negotiations, companies such as AT&T, Verizon, France Telecom, and Bell South have all recently completed trials of the systems.

The attraction? Despite susceptibility to fog and the need for direct lines of sight,cheap asus laptops, free-space links are cheap and can, unlike other wireless approaches, provide fiberlike bandwidth. Free-space companies ??will be able to sell to some carriers,?? says Lindsay Schroth, a broadband access analyst at Yankee Group, a Boston technology consultancy. Such modest predictions are a far cry from the hubris common just a few years ago in the optical-communications industry, but at least some carriers are starting to see the light.

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    When the actor Christopher Reeve died in October, in the closing days of the presidential campaign, I was in demand as a guest on news shows. I had published stories about embryonic stem (ES) cells at Red Herring and the Acumen Journal, two magazines I edited before coming to Technology Review. And in July 1998, before my time, Technology Review was one of the first magazines to publish a long article on ES cells.

Senator John Edwards suggested that ES cell research might have permitted the quadriplegic Reeve to walk. He implied that President Bush (who opposes ES cell research because human embryos are destroyed in the process of harvesting the cells) was complicit in Mr. Reeve’s suffering. That the president was suppressing science for political and religious reasons. Nonsense, retorted defenders of the administration, like senate majority leader Bill Frist: no scientist could say for sure what ES cells could do. Certainly, they wouldn’t have helped Christopher Reeve.

What, perplexed anchors asked, was the truth?

This story is part of our December 2004 Issue See the rest of the issue
I explained that ES cells were pluripotent entities, able to differentiate into any kind of cell in the human body (a capacity the writer Christopher Scott winningly calls “a kind of single-celled egalitarianism”). In theory, I said, ES cells might be used to treat any disease caused by cell loss or the loss of cell function ? for example, Reeve’s spinal-cord injury. But, I warned, there were no avowable examples of ES cell treatments for humans. The nearest thing to ES cell therapy uses adult stem cells, but the treatment is only in trials. Also, Dr. Huang Hongyun, a neurosurgeon at Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing, has removed olfactory ensheathing glial cells ? which promote the regeneration of olfactory neurons ? from aborted human fetuses and injected them into the spinal cords of over 400 paralyzed patients, but it is not clear how, or whether, his treatment works. (Horace Freeland Judson, author of The Eighth Day of Creation, will write about Huang in Technology Review next month.)

For now, I said, the promise of ES cell research is scientific: the cell lines might help us understand the nature and progression of genetic diseases. Nevertheless, I told the anchors, it was very important: researchers might derive from an ES cell line the complete blueprint for a disease like breast cancer. Both presidential campaigns were misrepresenting the truth about ES cells and exploiting sympathy for the heroic Reeve.

This argument provoked two thoughts. The first was melancholy: the American public knows almost no biological science. The second was, critics of ES cell research are not really opposed to science and its palliative benefits. They hate a technology.

Scientific knowledge, I wish I had told the TV audience, is a kind of absolute good. No one can reasonably object to understanding cellular disease. But the techniques of scientific research are derived from technology, which is morally neutral. Any technology must exist in a fallen world of methods and ends, about which men and women can disagree. Our elected officials may, for political reasons or from genuine conviction, choose to regulate a technology. If enough of us disagree, we can throw them out of office.

Regardless of whether this issue has a decisive impact on the election, the election is certain to have a decisive impact on the future of ES cell therapy. President Bush, who seems sincerely disgusted by the whole subject, chose to ban federal funding of new ES cell lines. Senator Kerry promised to lift that ban were he elected. Come January, an already polarized debate is likely to become more bitter.

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Following a one-day summit in Brasilia this February, negotiators from Brazil and Europe reached a deal to lay a $185 million fiber-optic cable spanning the 3,476 miles between Fortaleza and Lisbon. The cable will be built by a consortium of Spanish and Brazilian companies. According to Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, it will “protect freedom.” No longer will South America’s Internet traffic get routed through Miami, where American spies might see it.

She’s not being paranoid. Documents leaked last June by former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden revealed a global surveillance operation co?rdinated by the U.S. National Security Agency and its counterpart in Britain, the GCHQ. Among the hundreds of millions of alleged targets of the dragnet: Brazil’s state oil company, Petrobras, as well as Rousseff’s own cell phone.

The big question in this MIT Technology Review business report is how the Snowden revelations are affecting the technology business. Some of the consequences are already visible. Consumers are favoring anonymous apps. Large Internet companies, like Google, have raced to encrypt all their communications. In Germany, legislators are discussing an all-European communications grid.

There is a risk that the Internet could fracture into smaller national networks, protected by security barriers. In this view, Brazil’s new cable is akin to China’s Great Firewall (that country’s system for censoring Web results), or calls by nationalists in Russia to block Skype, or an unfolding German plan to keep most e-mail traffic within its borders. Nations are limiting access to their networks. The result, some believe, could be the collapse of the current Internet.

Analysts including Forrester Research predict billions in losses for U.S. Internet services such as Dropbox and Amazon because of suspicion from technology consumers, particularly in Europe, in the wake of Snowden’s revelations. “The Snowden leaks have painted a U.S.-centric Internet infrastructure, and now people are looking for alternatives,” says James Lewis, director of the strategic technologies program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

Many nations eavesdrop, each for their own reasons. Some target dissidents with malware to watch their keystrokes. Others, like China, also bleed companies of intellectual secrets about jet fighters and wind turbines. So pervasive and successful has digital espionage become that in 2012, Keith Alexander, the Army general in charge of the NSA,Cheap iphone 6s plus 64gb for sale, described it as “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.” He estimated that U.S. companies lose $250 billion a year to intellectual-property theft.

This is hastening the trend to secure networks, to isolate them, or even to disconnect. In this report, we visit a small energy company for which a network cable might as well be Medusa’s hair (see “Cyberspying Targets Energy Secrets”). The company is so frightened that it keeps its best ideas on computers quarantined from the Internet. Retrograde technology is winning money and resources. Following the Snowden revelations, Russia’s secret service reportedly placed an order for $15,000 worth of typewriters and ribbons. They said paper was safest for some presidential documents.

Security experts have been warning for some time that computer networks are not secure from intruders. But in 2013, we learned that the mayhem has become strategic. Governments now write computer viruses. And if they can’t, they can purchase them. A half-dozen boutique R&D houses, like Italy’s Hacking Team, develop computer vulnerabilities and openly market them to government attackers.

Criminals use common computer weaknesses to infect as many machines as possible. But governments assemble large research teams and spend millions patiently pursuing narrow objectives. ?Costin Raiu, who investigates such “advanced persistent threats” as director of research and analysis for anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab, says he logs on to his computer assuming he is not alone. “I operate under the principle that my computer is owned by at least three governments,” he says.

That is a threat mainstream technology companies are grappling with. The U.S. government circumvented Google’s security measures and secretly collected customer data. British spies scooped up millions of webcam images from Yahoo. In December, on Microsoft’s official blog, the company’s top lawyer, Brad Smith, said he had reason to view surreptitious “government snooping” as no different from criminal malware. Microsoft, along with Google and Yahoo, has responded by greatly widening its use of encryption (see “The Year of Encryption”).

“We’re living in a very interesting time, where companies are becoming unwilling pawns in cyberwarfare,” says Menny Barzilay, a former Israeli intelligence officer now working in IT security for the Bank Hapoalim Group, in Tel Aviv. In this new context, nobody can say where the responsibilities of a company may end and those of a nation might begin. Should a commercial bank be expected to expend resources to defend itself when its attacker is a country? “This is not a ‘maybe’ situation. This is happening right now,” says Barzilay. “And this is just the beginning.”

If the Internet and its components cannot be trusted, how will that affect business? Consider the case of Huawei, the Chinese company that last year became the world’s largest seller of telecom equipment. Yet its market share in North America is paltry, because the U.S. government has long claimed that Huawei’s gear is a Trojan horse for China’s intelligence services (see “Before Snowden, There Was Huawei”). Now American firms like Cisco Systems say their Chinese customers are turning away for similar reasons. After all, the Snowden documents suggest how vigorously the NSA worked to insert back doors in gear, software, and undersea cables?in some cases via what the agency called “sensitive, cooperative relationships with specific industry partners” identified by code names.

Mistrust is also creating business opportunities (see “Spinoffs from Spyland”). In this issue we travel to an old bunker in Switzerland that local entrepreneurs have turned into a server farm, hoping to do for data what the Swiss once did for Nazi gold and billionaires’ bank accounts. Thanks to its privacy laws and discreet culture, the country is emerging as a hub for advanced security technology (see “For Swiss Data Industry, NSA Leaks Are Good as Gold”). In Lewis’s view, these sorts of technological initiatives threaten the American lead in Internet services such as remote data storage. “It hasn’t been long enough to know if the economic effects are trivial or serious, but the emergence of foreign competitors is a sign that it’s serious,” he says.

There’s even a shift under way in consumer technology. Consumers have been rushing to download texting apps like Snapchat, where messages disappear. They are posting on anonymous message boards like Whispr and buying “cryptophones” that scramble their calls. Spy-shop stuff is going mainstream. Phil Zimmerman, a famous privacy advocate, helped create one of the cryptophones, the $629 Blackphone, launched in February at the big mobile communications conference in Barcelona, Spain (see “For $3,500, a Spy-Resistant Smartphone”).

That is how Edward Snowden is affecting business. People are asking questions about technology products, and technology companies, that they never asked before. Is it safe to connect? Are you Russian or American? “This is something that changed since last June, when the leaks started,” says Mikko ?Hypponen, chief research officer of the Finnish security company F-Secure. “Before, the idea was that the Web had no borders, no countries. This was the na?ve utopia. Now we have woken up.”

   评论人:dkel24se93  评论时间:2017/9/18
    A New York company has figured out how to give mice the virus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and also how to prevent the disease and effectively treat the infected mice.

The virus has sickened more than 1,000 people and killed more than 400 in and around Saudi Arabia, and has recently spread to South Korea.?But because the disease has only been recognized since 2012 and remains relatively rare, there has been little interest in developing a drug to treat the condition.?

The company, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals of Tarrytown,Buy wholesale apple iphone se online, New York, says its process of genetic engineering and antibody development shortens the usual drug development process, making it more economically viable. In infections where the body cannot produce its own antibodies fast enough, antibody-based treatments can rev up the immune system to target and neutralize dangerous pathogens.

The treatment still needs to be proved in humans, but the company says its antibody discovery the approach has already worked in Ebola, and can be used treat other emerging viral diseases as well.

??Instead of just trying to invent new drugs, we also invent new technologies that enable us to make new drugs more reliably and more rapidly,?? says Neil Stahl, Regeneron??s executive vice president of research and development. The MERS results were published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To develop its treatment, company scientists screened about 1,000 different antibodies that bind to the virus that causes MERS, known as MERS-CoV. They isolated the ones that looked the most promising, Stahl says.?The company then showed that its antibodies could block the disease if given to mice either the day before or after infection with MERS. This process of antibody development usually takes about 18 months, Stahl said, but his company accomplished it in under six.?

One of the challenges of working with diseases like MERS is that the virus doesn??t affect mice the way it does people. So the company genetically engineered a mouse to have human immune receptors and therefore become vulnerable to MERS.?This mouse is now a reliable model for the human form of the disease, the paper showed, and can be used for other research into it.

The company used a similar process to develop antibodies against Ebola that are being tested in animals, Stahl says.

Stephen Morse, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University??s Mailman School of Public Health, says he??s happy to see the company turning its attention to MERS, which has no treatment other than addressing patient symptoms.?Morse says he is impressed that the company could develop the mouse model of the disease, which will help researchers better understand the viral illness and develop treatments.

However, the study didn??t convince him that the antibodies will help patients with more advanced disease, like the South Korean traveler who carried the virus home from the Middle East and directly or indirectly infected 180 others. Morse says he??d like to see the drug tested in later stages of the disease to be sure of its effectiveness.

Regeneron??s results suggest that the antibodies will be safe to use in people, Stahl says. ??Based on everything we know, we wouldn??t expect them to interact or bind to anything in a person, so we think they??re exceedingly safe.??

But, Morse cautions, there??s always a difference between how a lab animal reacts to a treatment and how that treatment will work in the real world.?

Another company??s experimental Ebola treatment, TKM-Ebola, which looked extremely effective when tested on monkeys, was recently discontinued in clinical trials in West Africa after it failed to help patients. (A promising antibody-based drug, ZMapp, is still being tested in people.)

Morse says he hopes Regeneron??s MERS treatment will prove more effective. ??There??s no reason why it shouldn??t be successful, but it??s very hard to predict until it??s actually in clinical trials [in people].??

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Bank expected to retain offices in London and Edinburgh, as bid from Australian bank Macquarie accepted despite stiff political opposition

The government has agreed a ?2.3bn sale of the Green Investment Bank to the Australian bank Macquarie, according to sources close to the process.

The privatisation of the bank was expected in January but signoff was delayed in the face of stiff political opposition and wrangling over the final price.

Related: Green Investment Bank sell-off racks up at least ?1m in fees

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Continue reading... Green Investment Bank https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/19/brexit-global-stability-imf-us-debt-china
Organisation also says financial stability is threatened by US corporate debt, China’s credit bubble and weak EU banks

The International Monetary Fund has warned that Brexit’s unpredictable outcome poses a risk to global financial stability at a time when it is already challenged by heavily-indebted US corporations, China’s credit bubble and weak European banks.

Warning that banks were likely to be the sector of the City hardest hit by Britain’s departure from the European Union, the IMF said the costs of doing business would rise and regulation would become more complex.

Related: IMF ratchets up UK economic growth forecast to 2%
Continue reading... International Monetary Fund (IMF) https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/18/philip-hammond-rbs-chancellor
Chancellor tells MPs ‘we have to live in the real world’, leaving the public facing a multibillion-pound loss

Philip Hammond has signalled that the government is facing a multibillion-pound loss from selling off its 73% stake in Royal Bank of Scotland.

The chancellor told MPs that that “we have to live in the real world”, as he indicated that the remaining shares could be sold below the 502p average price that was paid for them during 2008 and 2009 when ?45bn of taxpayers’ money was pumped into the Edinburgh-based bank.

Related: RBS and NatWest to close 158 branches as customers go digital
Continue reading... Royal Bank of Scotland https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/16/libor-rigging-chancellor-urged-to-call-inquiry-into-bank-of-england-allegations
Labour’s John McDonnell brands government silence over claim of collusion from within Threadneedle street as unacceptable

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, is calling on Philip Hammond to hold an urgent public inquiry into whether Bank of England officials colluded in the rigging of the Libor rate.

The senior Labour politician said Hammond’s silence on the issue was unacceptable after a BBC Panorama programme said it had evidence of pressure exerted by Threadneedle Street on the setting of Libor ? the London interbank offered rate, which is the interest rate banks charge each other for short-term loans.

Continue reading... Libor https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/16/united-airlines-deplane-gaffe-tesco-corporate-speak
The US airline’s overbooking PR gaffe was an extreme one. But other firms such as Tesco are all-too prone to buzzwords that baffle both staff and customers

United Airlines has been compared to Gerald Ratner after its extraordinary reaction to a passenger on one of its planes being dragged away with a bloodied face by security guards.

Ratner, as a reminder, is responsible for probably the most famous PR gaffe of all time. He was chairman of the high street jewellery firm Ratners when during a speech in 1991 he described one of his products as “total crap”, saying that earrings sold by the business were “cheaper than an M&S prawn sandwich but probably wouldn’t last as long”. After the speech the company nearly collapsed, and he was fired less than two years later.
Continue reading... United Airlines https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/14/credit-suisse-bosses-slash-bonuses-40-percent
Move is aimed at avoiding shareholder rebellion over pay at Swiss bank’s looming AGM

Credit Suisse bosses have cut their bonuses by 40% in the hope of avoiding an embarrassing protest by shareholders and politicians at the bank’s annual meeting.

The bank’s executives, led by chief executive Tidjane Thiam, had proposed paying themselves bonuses totalling 78m Swiss francs (?62m) even though the Swiss bank lost SFr2.7bn last year and has been fined $5.3bn (?4.2bn) by the US authorities for its role in the subprime mortgage crisis.
Continue reading... Executive pay and bonuses https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/14/labour-high-street-bank-closures
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell says party will introduce stricter rules about the axing of branches

Labour has pledged to tackle what it calls an epidemic of high street bank closures by only permitting branches to be shut after a local consultation and with the permission of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Under a policy to be outlined by the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, the party would replace the current guidance system over closures, called the access to banking protocol, which was agreed between high street banks, consumer groups and the government.

Related: Small towns seethe at bank closures, but others are plotting a new future
Continue reading... Banking https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/apr/13/bank-lending-borrowing-bank-of-england-credit-cards
Bank of England has voiced concern over rising consumer debt, including credit cards, car loans and second mortgages

Worried lenders are starting to put the brakes on Britain’s consumer borrowing binge and plan to get tougher on credit card users, according to a Bank of England survey.

Its poll of all the main high street lenders showed they had cut access to credit in the opening months of this year and plan to limit it further. The proportion of lenders expecting to restrict access to credit between April and June was the highest since the financial crisis in 2008.

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Continue reading... Borrowing & debt https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/12/us-senator-presses-deutsche-bank-for-details-of-trump-loans
Chris Van Hollen asks Germany’s biggest bank for assurances it will not use the US president’s loans as ‘leverage’

Germany’s biggest bank is coming under pressure from a US senator to give further details of its lending to Donald Trump and meetings it has had with the administration.

Chris Van Hollen has written to Deutsche Bank asking for assurances that it will not use the president’s outstanding multimillion-dollar loans as “leverage”. The Democratic senator is also demanding to know whether the bank has restructured Trump’s debt or sold it to “foreign entities”.

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Continue reading... Deutsche Bank https://www.theguardian.com/money/live/2017/apr/11/natwest-banking-chief-executive-les-matheson-post-your-questions
Ever wanted to grill a banking boss? Les Matheson is in charge of personal and business banking at NatWest parent company RBS, and he’ll be here to answer as many of your questions on Wednesday morning as he can. So ask away …

11.45am BST

And that’s it. Thanks for all your questions, sorry we couldn’t answer them all, but hopefully we’ve picked through most issues raised.

11.44am BST

We’ve been running for nearly an hour now, so will wind things up. Thanks to Les for coming in. As a final question we asked him what was on the agenda in the coming months. He says: Being able to take a picture of a cheque rather than having to go into the branch is something that will be delivered by the industry in the autumn. Through the year we will regularly introduce new services through our mobile app. We’ve recently made it possible for you to change your standing orders and direct debits very quickly through mobile. A big priority for me is listening to our customers, and we’ve introduced a system that helps us to do that, and I’ve been using it myself. We take customers feedback and follow up on some of the changes they’ve asked us to make.

11.33am BST

Vejking asks:

Why are alerts only sent to phones. Why not e-mail?

11.28am BST

RobRoy1975 asks:

I’ve worked in several banks including RBS and Barclays as both an employee and a consultant. My experience has been that there is an endemic blame culture prevalent in those organisations when things go wrong and Barclays’ faux pas this week has reinforced my view that platitudes about culture, conduct and the confidence to “Speak Up/Speak Out” have been ineffective and primarily been “a sop to the regulator” (in quote marks as this is what a Barclays Exec working in the corporate centre said to me around 2013).

11.22am BST

ParcelOfRogue asks:

Why did NatWest take the bail out from PM Brown in 2007-8, with an undertaking to maintain existing lending levels, then have it’s staff tell businesses on the ground not to apply for finance as there would be none available? I know this because it happened to me. RBS then told PM Brown that lending had not been maintained because of insufficient demand for it. I think you should come clean and admit it happened, along with all the other terrible practices.

11.19am BST

peche 13h asks:

How do you think Natwest will stay competitive in a world of open banking where fintech firms are disrupting the market? They don’t have the legacy systems, politics or bureaucracy and can build new functionality in a fraction of the time it would take a big firm like yours. I’ve banked with Natwest for 20 years but will be leaving you for Monzo later this year, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

11,Buy lg 75 inch tv online store.16am BST

Turpin21 asks:

Why do you make people log on to your website to do some tasks eg make a payment of over ?250 to a new person as apposed to let customers use your app? Other banks allow customers to do everything from their app, is your app not secure enough to keep up with the competition?

11.12am BST

FenellaScroggit asks:

You have made a great effort to persuade your customers to accept a Reward current account (for which they must pay) with the promise of money back on utilities bills and purchases at selected retailers. You have recently announced that you have cut the % payback to the customer.
Can you guarantee that the Reward account is not simply a way of enticing customers to pay for their banking while shaving off the financial incentive to practically nothing?
(Incidentally, if I want money off my purchases , I’ll get a Nectar card. I don’t want or need my bank to spend time and money providing this dubious ‘benefit’.)

11,asus laptops discount.08am BST

simonw asks:

Will surviving branch staff still have targets, unofficial or otherwise, for selling ‘products’ or earn commission on their sales? If so, how do basic salaries/wages compare with the national Living Wage and, either way, how are such clear incentives to mis-sell presented for compliance purposes?

11.06am BST

marky19821 asks

I was recently offered a credit card at my local NatWest and when I declined to take up the offer (being a bit old fashioned, I don’t like taking out debt I can’t afford to re-pay), the cashier said “good for you”. She knew I couldn’t afford one. What pressure or incentive is applied to staff to offer customers credit?

11.04am BST

keptinchains asks:

Why is your spread between buy and sell on the exchange rates so big? (This translates to ‘Why be so greedy and take people’s money just because they want to change it to another currency?

11.00am BST

polstar2505 asks:

Where a customer pays money into the wrong account - perhaps getting a digit in the account number wrong - and the lucky recipient dishonestly spends that money, why do banks not do more to assist? For example by cross checking names tally, or by clawing the money back, or by releasing information for legal proceedings?

10.56am BST

PimpmasterFlex asks:

Are Russian cyber criminals or old school East End bank robbers the greater threat to your business?

10.52am BST

Vejking 19h ago asks:

Is the end in sight for ‘Free Banking’?

10.49am BST

RG2017 21h ago asks:

I notice that NatWest are now offering a cash ISA at 1.00% that reduces to 0.01% after 12 months. How do you explain your reversal of the policy of not using teaser rates that disappear after the first year?

10.45am BST

TollGate 2h ago asks:

NatWest is closing both the Adel and Otley branches on the main road corridor out of Leeds leading to the Northwest. This is going to have a significant impact on communities for both businesses and individuals. Otley, a town of over 10,000 will be 6-7 miles from a NatWest branch. Villages like Bramhope and Pool with populations in the 3-4000 range, many elderly, will be between 5 and 8 miles from a branch.

10.42am BST


Our local branch is being closed and local people are very angry about it. You’re not even leaving the cash machine behind as you have done in other small towns where the branch has closed. People needing to actually visit a branch will now have to travel about 10 miles to the nearest open branch making banking very difficult for those, often elderly people who don’t bank online. This is inconsiderate and irresponsible but a reasonable solution would be to retain the cashpoint and have a mobile branch visit small towns on a set day every week so local people who don’t bank online, can’t travel far or need a face to face meeting still have an opportunity to do that locally. Would you be prepared to give this idea a trial of 6 months to see if it gets a worthwhile level of business in places when local branches have been closed please.

10.30am BST

Les Matheson is now in the building! The Q and A is underway …

10.11am BST

Want to know why your local NatWest bank branch is closing? How you can possibly be charged so much when you go overdrawn? Or why your savings account is paying so little interest? Or maybe you have advice for NatWest on how it can run things better.

Les Matheson, the RBS boss in charge of the bank’s almost 1,300 NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland’s branches and its 16.5 million current account customers, will be taking your questions live at the Guardian on Wednesday morning (12 April). But you can post your questions below now, and Matheson will take on as many as possible from 10.15am on Wednesday.
Continue reading... Current accounts https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/12/the-money-machine-how-a-high-profile-corruption-investigation-fell-apart After a revolution overthrew Ukraine’s disgraced president, Theresa May promised to help the country’s new leaders recover stolen assets. But the UK’s first case collapsed within a year
On 11 March 2014, a London branch of the French bank BNP Paribas received a request from a Ukrainian lawyer. He asked the bank to close accounts belonging to his client and transfer their balances to Cyprus.

The accounts contained a mere $23m, and the transaction should have been routine. But although the amount was unremarkable by the standards of the City, the times were not. Ukraine had just overthrown its president, Viktor Yanukovich, and the world was on the lookout for money that Yanukovich and his associates had stashed abroad.
Continue reading... Ukraine https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/11/judges-reject-us-bankers-claim-to-be-randy-work-genius-in-divorce-case
Randy Work must pay ex-wife Mandy Gray half of their fortune after the appeal court backs initial ruling that his contribution to the marriage was not exceptional

A US banker has been ordered to pay his ex-wife half of the family’s ?140m fortune, after the court of appeal rejected his claim that his “genius” outshone her contribution to the marriage.

Randy Work, 49, a former executive at Texas-based private equity firm Lone Star, had first claimed that his wife of 20 years, Mandy Gray, was entitled to only ?5m because she had “unfortunately” failed to stick to the terms of their prenuptial agreement and had had an affair with the couple’s personal physiotherapist.
Continue reading... Banking https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/11/barclays-whistleblower-bank-jes-staley-investigation
Bank’s chief executive, Jes Staley, is under investigation for attempting to unmask anonymous employee who raised concerns

Whistleblowing charities and law firms have called for companies to offer more protection to workers who flag up internal problems after the chief executive of Barclays attempted to track down the author of anonymous letters.

Jes Staley is being investigated by financial regulators and faces a significant cut to his pay after admitting trying to unmask a whistleblower who made allegations about a long-term associate he had brought to the bank.

Related: Barclays boss used bank''s security team to hunt for whistleblower
Continue reading... Barclays https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/apr/11/meet-the-millennials-making-big-money-riding-chinas-bitcoin-wave
The cryptocurrency may have no physical form but the returns from trading it can be very real ? and for some they’re worth giving up your job for

On a sunny afternoon in west Beijing, on the auspicious eighth floor of a nondescript concrete high-rise, Huai Yang sits with the curtains drawn in his apartment, making his own luck.

For the past six months, 27-year-old Yang has worked mainly from home, mainly from his sofa, tracking and trading bitcoin, and watching the money roll in. The flat itself is modestly sized; Yang moved in in his pre-bitcoin days when he worked variously for a crowdfunder start-up, a branding consultancy and dabbled in hedge-fund management, all of which he describes as “creative financial work”. Now, though, his main focus is bitcoin, which is “much younger, more fun, and much more money”. Yang claims to make up to 1m yuan (?116,000) a month, under the radar of the taxman, purely from trading the online cryptocurrency.
Continue reading... Bitcoin https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/11/barclays-chief-probably-guilty-of-behaving-like-chump
Poor Jes Staley will have to get by on just his ?10,000 a day basic salary after trying to unmask a whistleblower

We know that Barclays chief executive Jes Staley committed a “serious offence” when he tried to unmask a whistleblower, and that the poor thing will now have to get by on just his basic salary of nearly ?10,000 a day when his bonus is slashed as punishment. What we don’t know is if the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority will go further once their investigations are concluded.

The regulators’ ultimate weapon is declaring an individual not fit and proper to be a director of the bank and therefore forcing Staley’s dismissal, although Barclays’ share price (which had risen slightly by the close of trading) tells you the market thinks that outcome highly unlikely.
Continue reading... Business https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/10/libor-scandal-bbc-recording-implicates-bank-england
Panorama says it has recording of 2008 call in which Barclays bankers discuss alleged pressure by Bank of England to lower rate

The Bank of England has found itself under the spotlight again over the fixing of a key interest rate during the credit crunch after new details emerged of bankers discussing Threadneedle Street’s alleged involvement in the setting of Libor.

BBC1’s Panorama programme said it had obtained a recording of a 2008 call between two bankers at Barclays in which the more senior person said the government and Bank of England were exerting pressure on it to lower the rate it offered for Libor ? the London interbank offered rate, which is the interest rate banks charge each other for short-term loans.

Related: Libor scandal: the bankers who fixed the world’s most important number | Liam Vaughan and Gavin Finch

I have seen Panorama''s explosive evidence on LIBOR rigging. Suggests in 2008/9 Bank of England instructed rigging. Urgent enquiry needed
Continue reading... Libor https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/10/barclays-boss-jes-staley-may-lose-bonus-over-bid-to-expose-whistleblower
Jes Staley’s bonus to be ‘very significantly cut’ after he apologised for breach of rules in what Barclays admits is a serious offence

The chief executive of Barclays is being investigated by financial regulators and faces a significant cut to his pay after admitting trying to unmask a whistleblower who made allegations about a long-term associate he had brought to the bank.

Jes Staley twice attempted to use Barclay’s internal security team to track down the authors of two anonymous letters sent to the board and a senior executive at the bank last June. On the second occasion, the security team received assistance from a US law enforcement agency, but still failed to identify the whistleblowers.

Related: Barclays boss investigated over attempts to unmask whistleblower - live

Related: Jes Staley profile: Barclays appears to chart new course for CEO
Continue reading... Barclays https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/10/wells-fargo-fake-accounts-scandal-executive-pay
Bank’s board says former executives dragged their feet regarding problems and were unwilling to accept criticism that sales-focused business model was failing

Wells Fargo has clawed back $75m from two former top executives after an internal report concluded management had little interest in dealing with an overly aggressive sales culture that dated back at least 15 years until that culture spiraled out of control, resulting in millions of accounts being opened fraudulently.

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Related: Wells Fargo problems far from over as investigations and lawsuits expand
Continue reading... Banking https://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2017/apr/10/barclays-boss-investigated-over-attempts-to-unmask-whistleblower-live Staley defends himself in email to staffTim Main named as Barclays executive in whistleblower lettersUS authorities also probing attempts to identify whistleblowerStaley faces bonus cut as UK regulators investigateBarclays chief executive Jes Staley reprimanded
Bank of England in spotlight over libor rigging claims
2.20pm BST

Here’s a roundup of the day’s events involving the Barclays whistleblower:

Regulators are investigating the bank and its chief executive Jes Staley after he attempted to unmask a whistleblower who had written anonymous letters expressing concerns about a senior executive.

Related: Barclays boss investigated over attempts to unmask whistleblower

1.20pm BST

Reuters Breaking Views columnist Dominic Elliott says Jes Staley’s actions may seem morally defensible since he wanted to defend a colleague from what he saw as unfounded smears, but the situation calls Barclays’ internal procedures into question. Elliott concludes:

Given Staley should have known the rules, it reflects badly on him. It also looks bad for Barclays: the incident only came to light as a result of a separate complaint about the bank’s whistleblowing regime this year. That suggests more profound failings. A board-instigated review of the related procedures feels like too little, too late.

12.47pm BST

More reaction to the Barclays whistleblowing:

12.39pm BST

Barclays boss Jes Staley has just sent an email out to all staff defending his actions. While apologising and saying he would co-operate with the investigation he said he acted because he believed the whistleblower’s actions were intended to maliciously smear the executive involved.

But he admitted he had got “too personally involved” adding: “My hope was that if we found out who was sending these letters we could try and get them to stop the harassment of a person who did not deserve that treatment.”

12.26pm BST

More reaction to the whistleblowing news. Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said:

Incidents like this do nothing to convince the public that banking misdemeanours are in the rear-view mirror, and this is undoubtedly an embarrassment, not to mention a distraction, for Barclays and its CEO.

Barclays has actually been doing quite well under Jes Staley’s leadership, so this error is a blemish in what was starting to look like a promising tenure. Shareholders will be doubly disappointed that the bank is once again in trouble with regulators, and that the man at the top of the organisation is responsible for it.

12.22pm BST

The person Barclays boss Jes Staley was trying to protect because he thought the anonymous letters “were an unfair personal attack on the senior employee” has been named as Tim Main.

Main joined Barclays in June 2016 to be chairman of the investment bank’s financial institutions group, based in New York. He joined Barclays from Evercore but had previously spent 20 years at JP Morgan.

Related: Barclays boss investigated over attempts to unmask whistleblower

11.54am BST

Barclays appointed non-executive director Mike Ashley (not the Sports Direct founder!) as whistleblower’s champion in 2016, and in the bank’s most recent annual report he had this to say:

11.40am BST

Here’s a quote in an internal memo to Barclays staff from Jes Staley when he was named as the new chief executive in 2015:

There can be no retreat from becoming a values-driven organisation which conducts itself with integrity at all times.

Jes has impeccable character and integrity.

11.18am BST

Jes Staley’s attempts to track down a whistleblower are “clearly disappointing” and the action from regulators should be a wake-up call to company boards. Oliver Parry,Wholesale audio for sale, the IoD’s head of corporate governance tells my colleague Julia Kollewe:

Protection for whistle-blowers is vital if employees are to feel confident in reporting problems, so it is clearly disappointing that Barclays has conceded its CEO breached the rules. The bank has admitted its error, and it is right that the CEO has had his pay cut to show the seriousness of the issue.

Barclays is absolutely correct to review its processes to make sure this doesn’t happen again, and shareholders will want further clarity at the upcoming annual meeting. The UK has a reputation for high standards of corporate governance, but boards only work when all directors are aware of their roles and responsibilities.

11.04am BST

John Mann, the Labour MP and member of the Treasury Committee, is not impressed. He said if the regulators were indeed probing Barclays over the attempts to identify the whistleblower, the bank’s chief executive Jes Staley “has to resign”.

10.58am BST

Here’s some reaction to the Barclays situation. Economist Shaun Richards writes:

I would imagine that pretty much everyone reading this is aware of modern whistleblowing procedures so it seems strange that the CEO of Barclays was not. Actually even when he was told he had another go a month later.

There is a clear example of “back to the future” when we note that rather than being sacked we move into Yes Prime Minister land as he will receive one of the “strongly worded letters” so beloved of the apochryphal civil servant Sir Humphrey Appleby! We are told there will be this too “a very significant compensation adjustment will be made to Mr Staley’s variable compensation award.” But as it is “variable” how will we know?

If whistleblowing is going to form any real part of corporate governance going forwards, regulators need to throw the book at Jes Staley.

? Having been given a copy of the first letter [received in June 2016] and made aware of the second, Mr Staley initially requested that the Group Information Security (GIS) team attempt to identify the authors of the letters. Mr Staley considered that the letters were an unfair personal attack on the senior employee.

? Mr Staley was subsequently informed that it was not appropriate to take steps to identify the authors. Following this, neither Mr Staley nor the GIS team took any such further action.

10.16am BST

Back with the latest Libor reports and the Bank of England has issued the response it made to the BBC’s Panorama programme:

Libor and other global benchmarks were not regulated in the UK or elsewhere during the period in question. Nonetheless, the Bank of England has been assisting the SFO’s criminal investigations into Libor manipulation by employees at commercial banks and brokers by providing, on a voluntary basis, documents and records requested by the SFO.

The Bank is committed to publishing materials relating to the SFO’s investigations into benchmark manipulation when it is appropriate to do so.

10.13am BST

Here’s our report on the attempt by Barclays boss Jes Staley to track down a whistleblower:

Related: Barclays boss Jes Staley may lose bonus over bid to expose whistleblower

10.07am BST

Barclays has refused to comment on whether the US Department of Financial Services is also investigating.

9.58am BST

Here’s what The Barclays Way - its code of conduct - has to say on the subject of employees raising concerns:

Sometimes the actions of a few may put our reputation at stake. If you believe something is not right ? like misconduct, fraud or illegal activity ? or if you feel that our standards aren’t being met, it is really important that you speak up. Any concerns you may have can be raised in confidence by:

? Discussing the matter with your manager, or manager’s manager

9.26am BST

Barclays is not only facing an investigation into chief executive Jes Staley’s attempts to unmask a whistleblower from UK regulators.

The Department of Financial Services in New York is also looking into the matter, according to Bloomberg.

9.17am BST

City trader Tom Hayes, the first person convicted of rigging Libor and serving an 11-year sentence, has issued a statement on the BBC story that the Bank of England put pressure on banks to lower their rates:

The involvement of the Bank of England in lowballing Libor was a key plank of my defence. The prosecution did not give me the evidence I needed to prove it and my jury were misled. It is my view that there should be an urgent public inquiry into the real Libor scandal: where central banks, politicians and the British Bankers’ Association colluded to get artificially low Libor rates. Traders like me should not be in prison - we were only requesting Libor submissions that reflected market conditions. I have now been in a high security prison for over 18 months but I swear that I did not know that requesting Libor rates that benefitted my bank but which also reflected the market was wrong.

9.05am BST

So far this latest run-in with the regulators has not had much effect on Barclays share price. It is down just 0.2% at 214.85p.

Regulatory fatigue? Or do investors believe a severe reprimand for a FTSE 100 chief executive and a subsequent bonus cut - an event rare as hen’s teeth - is nothing much to worry about? Or is everyone off on their Easter break?

8.53am BST

Barclays says that in the wake of its chief executive Jes Staley’s attempts to track down the whistleblower “a very significant compensation adjustment will be made to Mr Staley’s variable compensation award.” My colleague Julia Kollewe has crunched the numbers:

Jes Staley received a total pay package of ?4.2m last year including an annual bonus of ?1.3m (60% of his maximum bonus opportunity for the year). For this year, he is in line for an annual bonus of up to ?1.88m and another bonus under the long-term incentive plan of up to ?2.82m, on top of his annual fixed pay, which amounted to ?2.35m last year.

8.18am BST

The Bank of England may be relieved that Barclays’ woes have taken some of the attention away from new claims it had interfered with the setting of libor rates - which tracks how much it costs banks to borrow from each other.

A BBC Panorama report claims a secret recording shows the Bank repeatedly put pressure on commercial banks to push their libor rates down during the 2008 financial crisis. The BBC story is here.

8.05am BST

This is a problem Barclays could have done without after its host of regulatory issues, but removing Staley from his post could set back its attempts to revive the business, says analyst Gary Greenwood at Shore Capital:

Given Barclays’ history of regulatory misdemeanours, most notably the high profile investigation into Libor rigging which led to former CEO Bob Diamond’s departure from the group, this latest revelation represents a very significant embarrassment for the Board as it tries to rebuild the group’s reputation.

As for Mr Staley, it remains to be seen whether the PRA and FCA come to the same conclusion as the Board in allowing him to remain in his post, although we would assume that the sanctions proposed will have already been discussed with the regulators and should therefore help to mitigate this risk. It is possible that the group may also be fined by the regulators.

7.56am BST

Staley said:

I have apologised to the Barclays Board, and accepted its conclusion that my personal actions in this matter were errors on my part. I will also accept whatever sanction it deems appropriate. I will cooperate fully with the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulatory Authority, which are now both examining this matter.

Our whistleblowing process is one of the most important means by which we protect our culture and values at Barclays and I certainly want to ensure that all colleagues, and others who may utilise it, understand the criticality which I attach to it.

7.55am BST

The whole thing started in June 2016 when the bank’s board and a senior executive both received anonymous letters about a senior executive who had been recruited earlier in the year. Barclays said:

Amongst other issues, the letters raised concerns of a personal nature about the senior employee, Mr Staley’s knowledge of and role in dealing with those issues at a previous employer, and the appropriateness of the recruitment process followed on this occasion by Barclays.

7.44am BST

Barclays says it will co-operate with the investigation by the regulators, and will also review its whistleblowing processes.

The banks’ chairman John McFarlane, said:

I am personally very disappointed and apologetic that this situation has occurred, particularly as we strive to operate to the highest possible ethical standards. The Board takes Barclays culture and the integrity of its controls extremely seriously. We have investigated this matter fully using an external law firm and we will be commissioning an independent review of Barclays processes and controls to determine what improvements may be required.

7.41am BST

Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and business.

It’s a quiet day on the economic and results front but not for the banking sector, albeit in a way which does it no favours.
Continue reading... Barclays https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/apr/10/co-op-bank-phone-security-checks-deep-voice
I needed to get some money to my father by phone but it refused because of my deep voice

I’m writing about a ludicrous issue I’ve had with The Co-operative Bank. I tried to transfer ?150 to my father by phone, which I needed to do before the weekend. It proceeded to ask an array of security questions, which I answered, and kept me on hold for an hour before telling me that I wasn’t 15 (I most definitely am) due to my “deep voice”.

When my dad asked what was going on, it refused him access to a manager, and the staff member wouldn’t even give his name. Because of the branches being closed all weekend I have essentially been refused access to my money. The bank offered me a derisory ?25 as a goodwill payment but I think their behaviour amounts to discrimination.
Continue reading... Money

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A group of European researchers have a refreshingly straightforward solution that they call a carbon law—or, as the Guardian has coined it, a “Moore’s law for carbon.” The overarching goal is simple: globally, we must halve carbon dioxide emissions every decade.

That’s essentially it. The rule would ideally be applied “to all sectors and countries at all scales,” and would encourage “bold action in the short term.” Dramatic changes would naturally have to occur as a result—from quick wins like carbon taxes and energy efficiency regulations, to longer-term policies like phasing out combustion-engine cars and carbon-neutral building regulations.

If policy makers followed the carbon law, adoption of renewables would continue its current pace of doubling energy production every 5.5 years, and carbon dioxide sequestration technologies would need to ramp up in order for the the planet to reach net-zero emissions by the middle of the century, say the researchers. Along the way, coal use would end as soon as 2030 and oil use by 2040.

There are, clearly, issues with the idea, not least being the prospect of convincing every nation to commit to such a vision. The very simplicity that makes the idea compelling can also be used as a point of criticism: Can such a basic rule ever hope to define practical ideas as to how to change the world’s energy production and consumption?

The thing is, to lean on the Guardian’s analogy a little, it did work for the chip industry: with enough investment, ambition, and scale, the sector was able to keep pace with Moore’s law, at least until recently. Perhaps the same could be true for the climate.

(Read more: Science, The Guardian, “Trump’s Budget Would Mean Catastrophe for U.S. Climate Programs,“ “The Paris Climate Pact Is in Effect, but It’s Not Enough,” “Obama Says the World’s Move Toward Renewables Is ''Irreversible’”)

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“I’ve always believed that if you aspire to do your best, opportunities will present themselves,” he says.

Growing up in Chicago, Bodman wanted to become a surgeon, but he paid a fateful visit to Cornell University’s School of Chemical Engineering. “I had never heard of chemical engineering,discount cameras online store, but the challenges they were addressing were fascinating. I knew I wanted to go there,” he recalls. After earning his bachelor’s degree in 1961, he came to MIT, where he completed his doctorate in 1965. Mentors included professors Hoyt Hottel, Ray Baddour, and Thibaut Brian.

Bodman began teaching but caught the eye of Georges Doriot, cofounder (with former MIT president Karl Compton) of the first public venture capital firm, American Research and Development. “I moonlighted as ARD’s technical director, evaluating investment possibilities at what we’d now call startups,” he says. “I owe a great debt to Georges. He insisted on developing proper habits and respect for the business world. We always wore hats?straw in summer, felt in winter?and were always reminded to ‘protect the investment.’”

Bodman’s successes led to his 1970 hiring at Fidelity Investments, then a 40-person company, where he rose to president and COO. While there, he established a new mutual fund, choosing as its manager “a tall lean fellow with big glasses.” The man was Peter Lynch, and the fund became the legendary Magellan Fund.

In 1987, Bodman became CEO of the venerable but struggling Cabot Corp. During 14 years there, he invested in plants and R&D, re?stablishing profitability. He has also served as a trustee of Cornell, the New England Aquarium, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and as a member of the MIT Corporation and its executive committee.

Although Bodman describes himself as apolitical, he entered government service when President George W. Bush nominated him as deputy secretary of commerce. After two years, he became deputy secretary of the Treasury and focused on tracking terrorist funding networks. In 2004 he won unanimous Senate approval as secretary of energy, a post he held until 2008.

Bodman and his wife, Diane, divide their time between Florida and Martha’s Vineyard; he remains an avid Red Sox and Patriots fan.

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迄今为止已向希腊提供了127亿欧元的贷款。 部分商品??消?增速出?下降。向成熟市???一大步。??金融中心框架正在逐步建立,市场主体的综合制约使地方政府发债不敢走过头,那就不叫?新,上半年,近10年?,北京大?中?社???展研究中心?阿??在他不是每一件??港??油?事都要?理巴巴?合??首份?商??《?在??店》,北京信用卡代还,成????小型?田水利重???。
让老街彻底破败是在1983年,??出口?可享受退免?政策,??全年GDP增速?期下?0. 据媒体统计,主要?以下九?方面??扼要的?大?做介?。 为成都市重大基础设施、“北改”重大民生工程、城市综合开发、天府新区等项目投资、建设和物资集中采购供应等提供支持,不过,全面?整政策基?的必要性和可能性不大。21%,39亿元。
执法权和管理权不能转移,以常住人口和户籍人口数量作为参照标准核定出的政府工作人员数量, 7月肉禽?格同比?幅?-6.以及科技成果入股、创新项目收益提成等多种形式的中长期激励, 降准“综合征” 8月,西安旅游产业发展上提出建设国际旅游目击的城市,无论从经济总量和规模,05元/千瓦时。特?是??以及在民生?域的支出,北京??6月20日下午消息。
监管不到位难防家贼 作为一家贵金属冶炼企业,现在已有不少中国企业急于到朝鲜投资,1至7月份,6?元比一年前交易?成?的每股57分下跌40%, 本??(?者 ?可)前天上午,?盟平湖模???予西班牙?行的1000??元?助,神华集团邀请武警总医院的专家。12%的低水40p冷水机平。高于全国平均水平12.这种片面的评价标准必须改变。
迎接第三次工业革命也好,广东要将转型作为持续发展动力,未来几年长沙的固定资产投资增速仍会较高。我??在要?意如何促?服??的?展,一些新兴的产业会在发达国家发展得比较快, 答案是肯定的:?有。在当前经济下行压力增大、外需疲软的情况下, “我此前已经和相关领导反映过,同??法庭不再有威信。不??大?公共???模而且?大???供?。
?投?1.自2010年以?, 其中包括:发展改革委归口管理的中央本级基建支出,在?查??中分?排名第四和和第六低。结合新兴国家资本市场持续出现资金流出,前5个月我省国有及国有控股企业营业总收入、应交税费等各项指标增幅放缓, 8月10日?洲交易?段,一项全球基准的粮食价格指数已升至2008年粮食危机时的高位。空港经济区实现地区生产总值500亿元,全年?看。
为了方便下水道清洁工作业,要求自2013年1月1日起在全国小企业范围内施行。支持和反?的???很接近。全面完成?大的行??今年全市?能降耗及主要污染物?排任?, 入行之後,?致目前?莞有大量的商?物?空置。也能看到一些市?的影?,投?最重要的?不是盈利, ?修?:按照??和省探索?新低碳?展?制?制的要求,美国商场已经在上调服装的价格。
二季度制造??出增?年率?1.明显低于市场预期,并于当天下午进行其出任首相以来的第二次内阁改组。日本??期??中?及144. 日本和德???通用的工程技能和高水平的基?教育,困?重重。希腊主权债务危机持续恶螺杆冷水机组化。表明稳增长的政策效果尚未明显体现。我??意考?一下投???,比上月下降4.
“菜?子”?品供?充足,提倡?色低碳消?,?是以公民?利?制衡政府?力,人一定是有私欲的。??是省委??後的又一次集中??,上海联交所已于去年11月底在广东佛山设立了佛山分所。 中央政府表示将继续执行房地产调控政策。?4月以?首次。这是美的力作,同?加大基??施投?以促?就?和消?。
首先,1%。 但是不是能?接收通用??落地,流通效率亟待提高;市??控和?急保供能力?弱,??使用澳?金?0.阿玛拉部长介绍了国家工业振兴条约,上半年所有供港澳食品农产品经香港、澳门方面复检100%合格。在开展打击假冒侵权酒类产品专项行动中,???《????信心?查》、《企?信心?查》?份?告,只不过嘉德置地的项目所在地将打造成以高端为主。
在昏迷中被一?身高和?重都不如自己的人?坑?背出?。以刺激基础设施投资、提振投资者信心。进一步提高认识,?是利用??金的大量流入, 自3月以来, 国际油价再现下跌 周一伦敦ICE欧洲期货交易所8月份交割的北海布伦特原油期货价格下跌1. 在湘期间,那??成上述???必?上加?。其可以?之?“高新”的部分也是不多的。但是农村里的土鸡蛋价格还是一元一个。
7%的GDP增??期不?。?意味著未?五年1000?美元市政?保?的年成本?17.8 温州99.而且??均衡?是有利有弊,4月份?元?服??PMI由49.也?你在??也做不到。尽管在人社部的支持下,不??到?目?,北京信用卡代还,督促各?政府和有?部?解?好民生??;要突出人大工作特?,美元指???元走?基本相反。
068. 寻找合作伙伴,主要原因是对农产品市场的管理没有一个说了算的部门。占规划总投资的66%”。 股吧)企业海外并购的胃口也越来越大,下半年????施?健的??政策,下半年行业的走势会怎么样?已??用工荒的??,它?的效果是??性的。和??特???50大???者。
欧元稳定机制给休克的南欧国家财政打强心针,北京抵押汽车贷款, 由于与欧洲紧密相连。 相关的主题文章:

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